Principal K.M Academy:

" How I'll work for upgrading my School. "
There was a time when people thought that it was not necessary to educate people of rural areas . Now we have begun to realise that education , qualitative education in rural areas such as ours is essential.
We have to teach these people in true sense of the term. Besides conventional teaching , students must be taught vocational stuff and stuff pertaining to games and sports.
We should make our teaching style , be it conventional course or vocational & professional course, tasty and delicious to our students hailing from rural areas. We shall provide them with all kinds of requisite items in the school which can pave the way for them to grand & peerless success in life thereby making them serve the motherland India.
In order to achieve my goal I have to have a team of good, dedicated & intelligent teachers who have the willingness to discharge the duty with the same spirit, zeal, tenacity and perseverance as I have.