Mission & Vision

Our Mission
The word “KM Academy” is an amalgamation of three words – Science, Knowledge, and Technology. Our mission is to educate every student into a cohesive learning paradigm by gaining knowledge in the field of science and technology. We aim to render service to society in the light of wisdom for the betterment of mankind and all beings.

Our Vision 

We aim :

  • To nurture the student to be an independent lifelong learner with sound moral and ethical values.
  • To equip our young minds to rise to the challenges in the ever-changing world.
  • To provide an integrated approach to education; reflecting the four pillars of education as given below: 
    • Learning to know – a broad general knowledge with the opportunity to work in depth.
    • Learning to do – to acquire not only occupational skills but also the competence to deal with many situations and to work in teams.
    • Learning to live together – by developing an understanding of other people and an appreciation of interdependence.
    • Learning to be – to know oneself and develop a personality which can act with growing autonomy, judgement and personal responsibility.